February 3rd Cigar Night

Posted By on January 30, 2009

As I sit here pounding on my keyboard like that gorilla in the Samsonite commercial, you boys are likely at home relaxing in front of the TV or out enjoying a cigar anxiously awaiting my next post.  The things I do for you fellas.  By now you have already marked next week on your calendars because Tuesday is the second Cigar Night of 2009 and it’s lining up to be a great night.  Although it did not work out as planned last month to break in The Vault, we will finally get a chance to see all the work Jimmy has done in getting DePere’s newest bar ready to open.  Please bring whatever you would like to drink since the bar will not be fully stocked because there is still finish construction work being done and the city has this thing about selling booze before they give out the occupancy permit.  The Vault is located at 127 N. Broadway in DePere and is the old Ivan’s for those of you familiar with the area.   Feel free to show up anytime after 5:00 and please park in the lot to the left of the building because that’s what I’m telling you to do.

Cigar Night wouldn’t be complete without our friends from Titletown Tobacco there to offer up some great new smokes picked out especially for members of  The Brotherhood.  This month the guys will feature some top notch selections from Oliva.  The Oliva family started growing tobacco in Pinar Del Rio way back in 1886 and eventually fled Cuba ending up in Nicaragua where they have become the second largest grower of Cuban seed tobacco.  Oliva cigars have consistently achieved high ratings among the industries top brands and the new Serie V line introduced last year was even named one of Cigar Aficionado’s top 25 cigars of 2008.  Now, unless you’re shopping for travel plans to Cuba or looking to purchase a fifty-thousand dollar watch, I’m careful of what Mr. Shanken and his cronies say since it seems fairly odd that some completely unknown cigar suddenly rates extremely high the same month they run a full page add in his magazine.  Coincidence?  Anyhow, Oliva cigars are a true premium cigar and on Tuesday you’ll get the chance to tryout a few lines from  their flagship brand.  You can select from the Serie O Double Toro (6 x 60) at $6.00 per stick, the Serie O Maduro in Double Toro (6 x 60) at $6.50 per stick, or the Serie O Maduro Double Robusto (5 x 54) for $5.75 per stick.  The great part is that if you purchase any combination of  four cigars the guys will throw in a Serie G Churchill (7 x 50) for free!

The Brotherhood of the Leaf continues to grow and our membership is expanding faster then we could have hoped.  On Tuesday we have some great news for you wise guys in attendance.  You’ll just have to show up to know what the hell I’m talking about.  To help sweeten the pot, who ever brings the most guests will get a free cigar on me!  How do you like that ya cheap bastids?  Lets see how many people we can cram into Jimmy’s new bar so we can really give those smoke eaters a run for the money.  Who’s in?

The Cigar Soldier

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  1. Im sendin you boys up there some samples of the Isabela Miami that you can smoke while your drivin up here for the biggest baddest cigar event in the Midwest !!
    Watch the Mail !!

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