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Posted By on March 19, 2009

 Another great Cigar Night is in the books and from the response I received, I am guessing that the new club shirts were a real hit.  Thank you again to Jimmy for allowing us to trash his bar and to all of you guys for making it one of our best attended events to date.  I got a chance to speak to many of you and briefly introduce the new membership packages we are rolling out to help you take advantage of all the great benefits available to our club members.

We have structured 4 different membership levels for you to choose from and I will outline them all below in the best detail I can.  In time I will have all this information posted online for you to refer back to but for now just read it here.  For Christ sakes I have a real freakin’ job to do during the day so I can’t devote all my time to you fat a-holes. 

Our first level is our Associate Membership and of course it is our most economical membership package to date because it’s absolutely FREE!  As an Associate Member all you have to do is show up at Cigar Night and enjoy.  We just figured you would want to tell everyone you have a title in the club so we have created one for you.  There are many club activities throughout the year that you will be able to take part in at no cost, such as the Annual Christmas Cigar Exchange, and other upcoming events for a very nominal fee.

The first tier of paid club membership is our Premiere level.  With a yearly membership fee of only $50 you will receive the club’s logo-ed shirt, modeled by the Board of Directors at the last Cigar Night, and a window sticker sporting the club logo.  Premiere Members are invited to take part in our Christmas Cigar Exchange and you will join us for the annual Summer Smoke Out picnic bash at no additional charge.  More details on this event to follow as well as dates, times and location. 

The next level the club offers is our VIP Membership.  At only $150 a year VIP club members will receive our official club shirt and window sticker along with a huge list of perks.  To start with we want to get you fully stocked with cigars so you will get a $5 discount at every Cigar Night towards the purchase of cigars from the guys at Titletown Tobacco.  Your VIP membership card will also entitle you to discounts at Tobacco Outlet Plus.  Once your humidor is stocked you will be able to attend The Brotherhoods Summer Smoke Out and our February dinner as part of your annual dues.  Your membership card will get you a FREE domestic tap beer or rail drink at The Vault along with many other discounts throughout the year with vendors and suppliers at our special events.  We continue to add new vendors who provide free or discounted products so check the website often to see where you can take advantage of your membership.  The best part about being a VIP member is that your name will be posted under our members profile section on the Cigar Night Online website where you can be linked to any website of your choice.  We can’t even put a value on this package but it’s probably worth a gazllion dollars as a rough estimate. 

The next level is our coveted Platinum Membership.  As a Platinum club member you will receive all the great benefits of our VIP Members plus you will be a site sponsor with your company logo posted on the landing page of and in all posts and emails sent out.  It’s a great way to promote yourself or your company for a minimal fee.  Since you are already going to be a VIP member, of course you are, toss in the extra fifty bucks for a Platinum membership to round it out at an even $200.00 a year.  What a deal!

I know you are  now asking “How the hell can I sign up?”  I’ve made that easy for you to do.  Just down load the sign up form here, print it off and fill in the needed info.  I know you can fill out forms.  You guys were smart enough to fill out your marriage license and many of you were even smarter to fill out the divorce paperwork so I know you can handle this.  Once you complete the form just follow the instructions and mail it with your check or money order made payable to The Brotherhood of the Leaf.  If you choose, just bring it to our next Cigar Night on April 7th.  When you sign up during our initial membership run you will have the distinction of being a Charter Member and receive that special designation on your club shirt.  Shirts are available only to paid members at this time but Club Logo stickers can be purchased for a measly $6 bucks.  What the hell, we’ll do 2 for $10 so you can send some to those starving children overseas since Sally Struthers keeps eating all their damn food anyway.  Remember all proceeds from sticker sales go to a worthy charity the club will vote on at the end of the year so stock up please!

The club is what you make it so choose a membership level and enjoy all that we have to offer.  Your board of directors is working hard to find more perks and discounts and think that we have put together some really great options for you guys. If you have any questions plese feel free to email me at for more information and I will be glad to answer any questions that help you decide what level fits you best.  It’s gonna be a long year, so light em up boys!

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