April 7th Cigar Night

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Am I the only one that has finally had enough winter to last me until, well at least next year?  Just when I think spring is ready to make an official entrance we get another f#ucken snowfall as a kick in sack to remind us that we still need to go indoors to enjoy a cigar.  Well, what great timing since our next Cigar Night is April 7th at The Vault.  I am really looking forward to this event because I expect that many of you will be signing up for one of our yearly membership programs to help you take full advantage of all that the club has to offer.  For any of you guys that missed the unveiling of our new membership programs, just check out the About the Brotherhood page on www.cigarnightonline.com for full details.

After talking to Mike from Titletown Tobacco about the cigars he has selected to bring you cavemen, he mentioned how well any maduro they bring has sold.  This got me thinking about something other than milfs and single malt scotch which is hard to do.  We are seeing an increase again in the popularity of maduro cigars but many do not know the first thing about them.  Maduro translates as “ripe” in Spanish and is not any specific type of tobacco or leaf, but rather the way it is fermented.  The lengthy process to create mudurowrappers begins when damp tobacco leaf is sorted into piles and fermented at higher than normal temperatures that may reach 150 degrees.  This high heat breaks down the sugars and oils in the plant to produce the dark color and allow the sweet taste associated with a true maduro cigar.  Dark cigars received a less than stellar reputation during the Cigar Boom of the 90’s since their demand far outweighed production.   Many manufacturer’s decided to seek alternative methods to achieve the deep maduro color as quickly as possible so they cut corners and the result was an extremely strong , bitter and highly acidic tasting cigar.  Some even went so far as to spray a cooked molasses mixture onto the cigar to achieve the dark oily sheen we are now use to when selecting a maduro.  In skipping the long fermentation process, the tobacco was not allowed to break down to the full extent and the ammonia and acid flavors were not properly removed.  This lack of quality control caused maduro cigars to be associated with overly strong, unenjoyable cigars that soon fell from public favor.

The resurgence in high quality control standards and the leveling off of supply and demand has forced factories to fully ferment all of their tobacco, which has given us some great options in maduro cigars.  I guess the fact that you guys are stocking up on those dark beauties only proves my point that a ture maduro has the sweet flavorful quality many are looking for in a good cigar.

Don’t say I never tried to teach you hogs a lesson. 

Enough education for one day, lets get back to Cigar Night.  April 7thwe’ll be gathering at The Vault to enjoy cigars with The Brotherhood so mark it on your calendar and round up some cigar smoking friends.  The other BIG news on the 7th is that our very own Tim Beno and Phil Danen will be anxiously awaiting the election results to see if they stay for another term on the Ledgeview town board.  We are officially converting The Vault into campaign headquarters for the evening so be sure to help us celebrate a amazing victory of two political masterminds who against all odds will become the first ever members of the Brotherhood of the Leaf to hold public office.  You’ve guys have come along way from being a public organizers in Chicago, er…..I guess that was someone else but best of luck to you boys! 

To help get your humidor loaded with some great boutique cigars, Mike and Aaron from Titletown Tobacco will be featuring the PinarDelRio brand in both Habana and Oscuro wrapper.  They guys will be bringing a Toro (6 x 50) and Torpedo (6.5 x 52)  in the Oscuro, and a Toro(6 x 50) in the Sun-Grown.  I have already priced out these smokes and this is a great deal with the cigars being $0.75 – $1.25 under MSRP.  Are you kddingme?  This is a great deal!  The Wrapper and Binder are both from the Dominican, and the filler is from the Dominican and Nicaragua.  Both the Wrapper and Binder are grown from Cuban seed in the Cuban style.  These are some fantastic smokes, I think you guys will enjoy them.

Don’t forget the checkout the website for full details about the new club memberships and great perks we have for you cats.    It’s going to be a night to remember (unless you drink to much).

The Cigar Soldier

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