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Posted By on April 9, 2009

That’s right my Brothers, your new calendar and bulletin board is up and running!  You can post updates about yourself, the club, your work or anything else you think we might find interesting.  Just remember to try and keep it clean so I don’t have to delete all your posts.  Just go to the Bulletin Board page and type away.  Initial posts may experience a delay before showing up on the website but don’t despair, it’s a really cool feature built into the site to prevent spammers from clogging up the coolest cigar club website on Gods planet.   If you have something you want on the calendar, please email me the details and I’ll will be sure to get out for everyone to see.

You may have also noticed that the Where to Smoke page is up now for your enjoyment so please help me add the many places that still allow us the simple pleasure of a premium cigar or pipe after a meal or with a cocktail.  Remember, I’m not looking for places that we can’t go but the ones we can.

Now for some really fun news!  Prime Cigar Company from Brookfield Wisconsin is hosting the only Midwest event to showcase the new rare Isabela Miami cigar and we’re invited!  Check out this link to see more about all the really cool things going on.  I have been allotted a limited number of samples to share with you guys so it’s a first come first serve but only if you plan on making the trip.  Let me know if you would be interested in heading down with me to score a few more freebies and swill a few of one of Wisconsin’s best beers on the market.  We would like to carpool as best as possible so if you’re willing to drive please let me know as we figure out final numbers.  Don’t worry, we’ll make those cheap bastids kick in for gas.  It should be a great place to show off the new club shirts so be sure to get your membership forms in asap so I can get the shirt order in so you will have it in time for the event.  I think we should have no trouble winning the “best Hawaiian shirt” contest especially if we show up in full force all decked out with The Brotherhood logo.  The tentative plan is to leave around eleven or so and return home by six or seven but I’m sure we can find a reason to get sidetracked.  More info to follow shortly as more of you let me know who will attend.

And finally, April 25th is the March of Dimes March for Babies.  It is a 3 mile benefit walk to raise money to support programs that help mothers reach full term to deliver healthy babies.  Check out the link here for more details on this event.  It would be great to see some of you guys out there in our club shirts making the walk to help out.  I also spoke to a few of you guys about bringing the cycles out to help kick off the walk but they shot it down because apparently the town didn’t like the thought of motorcycles roaring through a residential neighborhood at 9am.  We will plan a “cigar” ride soon so feel free to get me ideas or if you would like to help me plan one.

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