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Posted By on July 15, 2009

Can you guys believe that I’m actually in a good mood today?  As much as I am searching for a reason to bitch (and there are many), I am really having a good couple of weeks.  First off, our last cigar night was a hit and we not only signed up a handful of new members but I’m getting a few great events lined up for you bastids including a whiskey and Scotch tasting night.  How freakin cool is that gonna be?  Then last Sunday we took the bikes up to Door County for our Smokes & Cycles ride and of course it was a beautiful day capped off by some great cigars.  Then to top if off, last night the wife and I along with a few close friends went out for dinner to celebrate our 8 year anniversary.  Can you believe someone has been married to me that long?  Neither can my in-laws.  So yeah, been a pretty good few weeks to be me.

As I mentioned, we got a few more new paid members this month and I can’t tell you how cool it is to be able to do this for you guys.  Who would have thought that 3 years ago our little rag-tag  bunch of cigar smokers would have grown into a club with this many members and have the coolest club website ever.  I am going to challenge you again to make one more big push for new members and guests for our August 4th Cigar Night since we will only be offering the chance to be a “Charter Member” for only a limited time.  Also for those of you that have been sitting around waiting to sign up, get of your ash and do so before you miss the opportunity to be a Charter Member in Northeast Wisconsin’s largest cigar club!  I’ll have sign up forms at our next Cigar Night but feel free to get the form online and mail it in.  Just click here to get the sign up form.  The paid member that brings in the most new guests that become club members will get a special gift from the club as a thank you for helping promote The Brotherhood of the Leaf. 

I would love to piss and moan about what the new administration is doing to our cigar prices and maybe bitch about what is going on to smokers rights in the State of Wisconsin thanks to Diamond Jim Doyle, but with all this complete bullshit our government is heaping on us it’s actually a great time to be a cigar smoker.  How the fuck do you figure?  I know you’re asking that questions right now.  Let me try to explain myself and if you don’t agree with me I’ll be by your house later to collect all your cigars for myself, okay.  Unlike the last cigar boom, the mini boom we are experiencing now has presented us with very good cigars from very skilled laborers.  The quality of product out there is better now than at any time in recent history and it shows in all the new blends and new product lines from established makers. Even though smoking is viewed as worse than clubbing baby seals with a spotted owl, we are actually in a mini cigar boom meaning you guys are still buying cigars in these perilous times.  I’m not saying that some producers won’t fall by the wayside thanks to the S-Chip bill (which be a colossal failure, you’ll see) but those that survive will continue to pump out great cigars.  The manufactures and even retailers are doing what they can to help offset these price increases and you can find some great bargains if you know where to look.  Many of the big mail order companies are trying to reduce inventory so they’re slashing prices on many lines and sizes and guess who reaps the benefits?  That’s right, you Mr. Consumer.   Hey, it ain’t like they’re not making money, we’re all in the business to make money and some of us are better than others, but it’s a great time for you to stock up on quality smokes at often blow out prices.  Better crops and experimentation with new tobaccos have given rise to some unique blends never before available and they are all just waiting to be tried.   I know that many of your old stand by cigars may not be available for long since it is not cost effective for them to be produced but you can buy them now for drastically reduced prices as vendors cut their inventory and overhead.  The demise of one cigar will always give rise to a new brand.  See, more shit to try! 

 I know that the anti’s seem to have taken control of everything and are making it damn near impossible to kick back with a cigar but they have not won yet.  I know that tough roads lie ahead but I plan on traveling them with a good cigar since there are tons to choose from.  See, even though it sucks out there and we’ll have some nasty battles for months to come, it’s a great time to be a cigar smoker.  It may cost you a few bucks more for your premium smokes, it may be difficult to find a place to enjoy that smoke, your favorite brand may be discontinued, you may have a fat wife and ugly children but you guys have something that no one else has,  The Brotherhood of the Leaf.  Now, hand over your extra cigars.  See, I knew you’d all agree with me.  Told you I was in a good mood.

Details about next months Cigar Night and our upcoming Whiskey tasting will be posted shortly so look for them soon.  Until then, Light em up boys!

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