Victory Monday

Posted By on January 24, 2011

WOW!  Sorry, but I can’t think of a better way to start out a victory Monday than with that.  Yeah, I know not all of you guys are Packer fans but today you’ll have to deal with me gloating over this win for a just a little bit because my favorite team has finally returned to the big dance.  And they did it without Brent Far-va who many though would never happen.  It has been a long season filled with some great victory cigars and a few conciliation cigars as well.  Thevictorysmokes ever growing list of injuries that the Packers sustained this year were enough to make most teams mail in the season and hope they could get healthy for next year with out becoming too much of an embarrassment for their fans in the process.  My Green and Gold just keep fighting and even when faced with a few ugly set backs, like the Detroit Lions game, they won two elimination games against The Giants and Bears before going on the road as the NFC wild-card to win out and make it Super Bowl 45.

All that being said, the best part of the day was of course the stogies I lit up with my buddy to commemorate the huge victory as we kicked back watching the Jets and Steelers to see who we’d be playing in two weeks.  Game day sticks have become part of my ritual whether tailgating at Lambeau or watching the game from home.  No, I can’t smoke them in the house so the garage has become my sanctuary.  When tailgating I usually fire one up before the game because it’s hard to beat puffing on a great cigar while manning the grill and sucking a few suds with the other 75 thousand crazies scattered about Mecca.  I always make sure I have at least a little left to burn as we make the walk from our parking spot to the gates toting stadium seats and of course a few extra beers for the hike.  Check out my story here: for a more in-depth look at my cigar game day rituals cause I need to get back to yesterday’s smokes.

Once the final seconds ticked off the clock following Sam Shields game saving interception, it was time to light up twomonty little beauties I had picked out especially for the day in hopes that they would be my NFC Championship smokes.  Oh how sweet they were!  Since it’s illegal for me to have these babies I won’t mention what kind they were, just look at the pics and you can figure it out.  This just may have been the best game day cigar I’ve ever had for two reasons: awesome highly sought after Cuban sticks and we’re going to the Super Bowl Baby!  It’s going to awfully difficult to top that fantastic little afternoon swaray but I’ll hold out hope that on February 6th I’ll be toasting one up while figuring out where to pick up my Super Bowl Champions hat and t-shirt.  Put your order in now because I have a feeling they’ll be in high demand after the big game.

Cigars and sports are such a perfect combination and with the thought of only one more football game on the horizon until next August, I’m already longing for pre-season games so I can get back to burning a few beauties in the parking lot screaming “Yes, I am ready for some football”.  Geez, that feels like forever from today so thank goodness we’ll have March Madness at the cigar lounge and it will be baseball season before you know it.  Ah, cigars at Miller Park with brats, brewskies and girlie’s in tank tops.  I guess I’m not so sad after all.  But for now I’ll just be happy with my team and what they’ve accomplished while thinking back to all the great cigars and times I had this year supporting the Pack.

Don’t forget that Cigar Night is February 1st at Titletown Tobacco but there is one little catch, yours truly will be missing this one.  Yeah I know it’s against the law to miss Cigar Nights but we’ve got some plans made so you boys will be in good hands.  Please be sure you pick up a few sticks that night as a courtesy of being allowed access to the lounge and try not to bust up the place too much.

Go Pack Go!

The Cigar Soldier

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