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Posted By on January 17, 2012

crying-fanYeah yeah yeah, my favorite football team lost so go ahead and heap it on.  I can handle the onslaught  of Cheeshead remarks and all the jokes about my Packers so if you feel the need to kick a man when he’s down, then giddy up and get it out of your system.  I’ll guess that the storied franchise of my Green and Gold still had a better year than your team so ya better watch your tongue eh?  After enduring what was the Packs worst game of the year, I got to thinking (which I have been known to do once or twice a year) what makes us live and breath a certain team, yet have what I can only call hatred towards another? 

I was brought up a Packers fan and recall spending Sundays with my Dad in front of the television cheering on the boys from Titletown win or lose.  Back then it was mostly lose.  Over and over and over.  But my father taught me that being a faithful fan means riding out the highs and the lows with your team and that is what I did for many years with my family and often times surrounded by lots of their friends as well.  That is where I learned that football is more than the game in Wiscosin, it is an entire day built around food and friends  I remember in college we would gather up some snacks and a make shift pot luck lunch, even though none of us had a dime to our name we had a blast.  Guys from all over the midwest who shared a passion for game day would get together just like my parents did while I was growing up.  I have carried that tradition on to this day and as important as the game is, it’s still about eating and drinking too much with some close friends all decked out in our favorite Packer gear as we pull for a win from the real America’s team.

tailgate-cigarThat type of conditioning makes me  root for the Pack and I’m guessing that you have a similar story as to why you love your team the way you do.  Passions run deep with pigskin fans and  I couldn’t believe how many people I know piled on the Packers with their social media posts while the majority of them are not even Giant fans.  They just had to spout off how happy they are that the Packers lost.  Hey Bears fans, we swept your ass and your entire team was watching the game from home!  See, I can do it too.  I’m just making a point so don’t get a pissy and take it personal because when it comes to trash talking as a football fan, you better be able to take it if you plan on dishing it out.  Like many of you whose team has already hung up their cleats for the year, I’ll be putting my Packer passion on the shelf and looking forward to next season where we get to do it all over again.

The worst part about last weekends loss was not being able to light up the victory cigar I had so cautiously picked out.  If you know me at all, you are full aware that cigars and football (especially while tailgating) go hand-in-hand. Check out this post from 2010 as proof.  I guess I’ll have to hang onto those special treats for another occasion, like maybe Cigar Night.  Ah yes, speaking of Cigar Nights,  I’ve got a number of things in the works for this year and am looking forward to making it the best yet for all of you crazy fools in the club.  Just a reminder that now is the time to get those new members introduced because I’m still putting up sticks from my own stash for any new referral you bring in.  We will have both a spring and Fall “Cigars and Cycles” ride  as well as dinners, whiskey tastings,  a golf outing, a trip or two to Prime Cigars and of course Cigar Nights back at The Vault when the weather cooperates.

I’m sure you’re asking  yourself how the heck I’m going to pull all of this off this being just one man and all?  No Packer football means I’ve got a little extra spare time now to focus my passion on other things.  It’s just a game after all.

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