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Posted By on November 30, 2012

Well my faithful followers and lovers of the leaf, the Holiday Season is upon us and thatsantatree means lots of food, lots of drinking and hopefully lots of fine cigars to top it all off.   This is the time of year that we normal folks act a little nicer, dig a little deeper and try not bash annoying family members in the head with a gravy boat.  It’s good to know that I’m not the only one out there with a completely dysfunctional group of relatives where family dinner looks more like feeding time in the chimp cage.  That being said, I love this time of year.

I’m good at ignoring all the crazy PC wackos that don’t see this time of year for the simple thing it should be or back-flip in their Doc Martins when I say “Merry Christmas” instead of happy holidays.   If you’re so adamant about me not pushing my beliefs on you, stop trying to jam your land of hugs and lollipops crap on me.  Find something to he thankful and happy for this year instead of being the constant hemorrhoid to society that you normally are.  These PC freaks will never be happy until Christmas is banned, we all over spend on completely useless presents and there is no place left in the word to enjoy a cigar.

I don’t want to sound intolerant but I really don’t care what you believe in or what religion you practice or don’t practice.  What bothers me is these whacko fringe groups that go far beyond what the vast majority of the population deems as tolerable and then demand our approval.  The problem is that those preaching tolerance are typically the ones who have none.  The same people screaming to let a woman do whatever she wants to with HER body are the sames ones telling me I can’t light up a cigar cause MY body wants one.  Just a little something for you to think about while waiting for Pam Anderson under the mistletoe.

There are so many larger issues in the world to address that getting upset over calling a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree just seems to be a complete waste of possible productive energy.  We’re still at war with the rag-heads in sandy-land and our government is spending money like a drunken frat boy on spring break in Panama City with his new credit card.  We’re missing the boat on teaching our children how alike we are as a society and instead spend every waking hour trying to figure out how to pick a fightchristmas-santa over our ideological differences.  The only thing kids have in common now days is that they don’t like math, curfews, cafeteria food and prefer the balance of a Beretta over the firepower of a Glock 9 millimeter.

It would be nice if only for this one month of the year we can at least pretend to get along with each other and actually mean you’re sorry when trampling a little old lady to save twenty-five bucks on a laptop that was outdated the moment Best Buy ran the ad.  My childhood was no Norman Rockwell painting but it is full of memories of friendly people, bright lights and Charlie Brown with his meager little tree.  I know that those days of the perfect Christmas were never really quite as perfect as I recall them to be but I won’t let the cynical bastid that I’ve become taint those youthful days of innocence where I slept under the tree on Christmas Eve hoping to see Santa drop of some gifts and then spend the entire day surrounded by my family.  I’ll let you celebrate or not celebrate however you please but stop dumping all over everything that is Christmas to me.  Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas or whatever seasonal greeting makes you feel better, put hate and intolerance behind you for a few days and lets you recall how wonderful you felt as a child surrounded by friends and family so that you can pass that feeling onto somebody else giving them the same golden wrapped memories you forever cherish.

So there you have it Charlie Brown.  That’s the true meaning of Christmas.

Don’t forget about our Annual Christmas Party Cigar Exchange on December 4th at Brother Grampa Bears place (153 Hilltop in Allouez) for drinks, dinner and lots of cigars! Mike will be providing dinner for us all so just bring a snack to share if you wish. You guys know how the rest  of it works so bring your exchange gift, your drinks and most importantly your Holiday Cheer for the best kick off event of the Season. See you there!

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