Dancing with the Devil

Posted By on September 4, 2015

Last couple weeks have been tough for me, passing of a good friend Scotti and my own problems. You see I wanted to get the garage done for the winter , insulate, sheet and paint so I can heat it and have a multi functional area to thaw out frozen ATVs and smoke cigars and quite possibly park a car or two. My 2 son in-laws and 2 grandsons did most of the work , of course I was told to sit and watch, but just couldn’t and got into the act . Probably a little background is in order, to understand what’s going on here. Back in the 90’s , yeah like in the 1990’s I had a nerve wrap itself around a heart artery and almost squeeze me to death. After open heart surgery and 16 or so catheter surgeries in a couple years things were sort of better. I could function pretty good if I watched it, meaning start slow and work up to a task. I was lucky in that when I pushed too hard my body told me so by giving me pain under my left arm, jaw, or back, the kind of pain that said you have 15 seconds to quit what you are doing or your going down.  I listened and things were alright. This weekend was different, I didn’t listen to my body, and pushed thinking I was Mr. Incredible and invincible. Boy how you body reacts, when you mistreat it. About 2am Saturday night I woke up not feeling right, thought indigestion from the fried fish we had for a late supper, pop a couple tums and things will be good. But, I sat a minute and thought about my friend Scotti and for some strange reason, ( remember I’m invincible) I woke my wife and asked her to take me to the emergency room. We got there and my pulse was in the 200 range , apparently the top half of my heart was fluttering as they called it and not pumping blood with only the bottom half working. They ran around like crazed chickens and put me in an ambulance to Appleton where they could deal with this. Long story short I beat the reapers ass again, this makes it like 4 times.

Moral of the story: no matter how tough a guy you think you are, smoking cigars, drinking scotch running around  with no shirt at a sub zero packer game , you got to pay attention to the subtle hints your body gives you. We are getting that age that if you have shortness of breath, pain on your left side, arm jaw or back, don’t ,repeat don’t be a hero get it checked out, and checked out now, we need your sorry ass around a little longer to poke fun at and   enjoy all the stories about you. Thats it I’m done off my soap box, learn to dance with the devil but don’t be the partner.

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