The Brotherhood

govThe Brotherhood of the Leaf began many years ago with a group of friends that simply enjoyed pairing good times with great cigars.  We eventually created what has become Cigar Night and we gather at our member’s homes or Prohibition Spirits & Cigar Lounge.  The Brotherhood has grown into multiple club chapters and our online presence includes friends and members from across the globe.   We make it easy to stay in touch with The Brotherhoods true cigar enthusiasts through  Facebook, Twitter and right here at  The club offers membership options to accommodate your level of interest in not only cigars but in our social activities centered around club outings as well as giving you the opportunity to set up and run your own Cigar Nights.

The Brotherhood of the Leaf was established as a means for cigar lovers to share their passion for premium tobacco in the company of other fellow cigar enthusiasts either online or at a Cigar Night.  Since our inception, we have worked hard to create a socially diverse and extremely fun environment for cigar smokers from all walks of life to enjoy their pastime.  The Brotherhood and our monthly Cigar Nights are the exact answer you’ve been searching for when you need an evening dedicated solely to the enjoyment of a quality cigar with a great group of guys (and gals).

The Brotherhood of the Leaf offers membership options with exclusive club benefits for those of you looking to increase your enjoyment of all things cigar and or club related.  For more details and your sign up form, simply check out our Membership Page

If you are interested in setting up and running your own Cigar Night, email The Cigar Soldier at for more information.