Do you have a Man-Cave smoking room at home?  Is it classy or is it a lawn chair next to the patio heater?  Email photos and a short story to for a chance to win FREE cigars and have your Man-Cave featured on Cigar Night Online.  Good luck!


 Elwoods Cigar Cave (Green Bay)

martiniglassbarMean while back at the ranch, Mugsy was spotted first with a gin martini, then on to his regular Jack and Coke with one of his favorite cigars (could it be a Cuban?).  Next up the game of the night or maybe just relaxing to tasty tunes on the surround sound, or maybe inviting some of the Brothers over to enjoy some of the same while taking in the decor of cars and cigars with a little sports thrown in.  If you think that enjoying a fine smoke indoors means you have to be “in the smoke”, there is proper ventalation as not to upset the Spouse of the house.roomjackcigar










 Bruce’s Big Bass Lodge (Pella Wisconsin)

outsidepicturewallHere is our winter hideout by the lake.  It’s actually an ice shack but has power, internet and everything else a guy needs to smoke his cigars and get away from it all.inside 


Also, check out

The Big Bass Twlight Lounge.







Marty’s Cigar Lounge

chairsofasHere are a few shots of Marty Klausmeier’s Cigar room.  It’s a relaxing place to show off lots of cigar related collectibles as well as house the numerous humidors stocked with those leafy treats we all love.  As comfortable as it looks to kick back with a favorite stogie, this room is only for “cigar goodies” and the smoking gets done in the garage like most of us. table-humi003