You’re blocking me? I’m blocking YOU!

Posted By on December 15, 2016

Our annual Cigar Club Christmas party was a huge success and that obviously means that the “Holiday Season” is now in full swing. For many people, that is a great thing. Unfortunately for others, they have to deal with the fact that some members of their family may not be on speaking terms due to the Presidential election outcome.  I will not even get into the slippery slope of just how F’ed up that is because I don’t want to offend anyone proudly wearing their safety pin because it will cause you to break into tears running and screaming for a place to pet puppies, lay with your blanket and make things out of Play-doh.

What I will mention is the constant barrage on Facebook of how we all need to get along and how big you are for not “de-friending” somebody with a different view.   Let me make this real clear for you Snowflake: when is the last time we got together for dinner, drinks or a cigar?  You see, if we’re actually “friends” then I spend time with you outside the virtual world of social networking.  Maybe it’s once a year, a few times a week or maybe it’s once a month like you prayed your high school girlfriend’s period would be.  In either case, you’re not something special for tolerating things you disagree with on Facebook, you’re an idiot.

When you successfully deal with dissention from your core values in real life, it makes you an adult and you should be capable moving past adverse situations where views and options that drastically differ from yours are jammed down your pie hole daily. There is no need to protest or burn down the city because you disagree with another’s world view or you did not get what you want.  It happens all the time so you need to man-up and get on with your pathetic life because it will happen again.  Nobody says you need to happy about it, but you doUnFriend have to accept it.  But you don’t have to tolerate any of it in the land of Facebook and you telling me I should not block or unfriend somebody for their view is going to get YOU blocked or unfriended.   I go to social networking sites simply for fun.  It is not because I want to read articles that some asshat is reposting from the Washington Past thinking it will change my view of a political candidate or the dangers in the fallacy that is Global Warming.  Again, I use these sites for fun.  That’s it.  I get my news from places I trust and Facebook is tops on my list of places to NOT get real news.  So that means in order to maximize my extremely valuable free time, I eliminate all the static that may hinder my enjoyment of looking at pictures of cigars, guns and scantily clad buxom females.  If that means blocking somebody who does nothing but post inflammatory political articles I do not agree with, then guess what folks, you’re gone!

Now I can already tell that the tears welling up in your eyes because you don’t think I’m tolerant of anything I do not agree with. And you are so wrong.  Social sites like Facebook are intended to be enjoyable and should not be looked at as a venue to debate politics, religion or why your pallet is so lame you can’t appreciate the nuances of a good Cameroon wrapper.  That’s why there have been so many stories recently of lifelong friends and family refusing to speak to one another simply over the things posted on Facebook.  Comments are made, tempers flare and then somebody runs off whining because they can’t believe that others on this rock don’t see EVERYTHING EXACTLY as they do.  If I actually gave a shit I’d call it sad.  But since you have the power to avoid these situations it’s completely your fault for walking into this storm knowing full well that upsetting these tender little pansies is going to stir up trouble that will not end well.  And that is why I have blocked or hidden TONS of people I completely disagree with. 

If it wasn’t for Facebook I would not know that your hideous child just lost another tooth or that your chubby ugly wife is a shitty cook. Didn’t care enough about that before Facebook so I sure don’t give a fuck about it now.  What then makes you think I care at all about your nonstop political posts?  Being a “Friend” takes more effort that just clicking a like button on the internet once in a while so I don’t feel bad at all eliminating your crap from my daily feed because you  see, we’re not really friends.  Don’t feel bad, we probably never were really friends to begin with.  You can define it anyway you want, but if we don’t occasionally text, talk, eat a meal together, drink a case of beer or bottle of Whiskey or burn some tube shipped leaves from a third world county over conversation……..then we’re actually just acquaintances.  So feel free to block me, unfriend me, hide my posts or ignore that fact that my plan for global domination is finally coming to fruition: I don’t care.  Life can be frustrating enough as you dodge ignorance just trying to get through the day, why would you subject yourself to more while doing something that is intended to be fun?  You might as well just smash your thumb with a hammer.  So don’t feel bad if you’ve secretly hidden the posts from some of your so-called friends this year because you’re actually being the bigger man.  By walking away from confrontation instead to getting punched in the face daily by their stupidity, you prevent an online argument that will ultimately end whatever level of friendship may have existed in the first place.  Of course that’s just my opinion and I’m always right.

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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