Cigar Night: Take 2

Posted By on April 5, 2018

SnowJust when you think spring is close, we get another snow storm.  Is anybody else sick of freezing their ash off while trying to enjoy cigar?  As a true Wisconsinite, it’s my duty to complain about winter and the fact that it seems like it’s never going to end.  It’s also in our DNA to complain that’s it too hot in the summer, but I’ll save that rant for July.  I love the fact that I live in an area of the great ol’ U S of A that actually has all four seasons and that you can tell one from the other.  Three of them have roads closed off with large orange barrels and the other one is too dangerous to drive in because of the snow and ice.  Life up here in Midwest is generally pretty nice and I’ll take a heat wave or cold snap over a hurricane, mud slide, wild fire or having my football team wear a hideous purple jersey. 

Summer and winter in da Badger state can offer up some extremes through that often make partaking in my pastime of burning up tobacco leaves a touch difficult. When the snow and ice are flying and the mercury dips into the negatives, it’s not real easy to kick back in my favorite lawn chair and smoke with my choppers on.  Those are the big leather mittens you buy at Fleet Farm for those of you that don’t know.   Of course I’ve also had many afternoons during the dog days of summer where I contemplate putting air conditioning in the garage because 


there are certain places that you just shouldn’t sweat while attempting to relax.  Plus my ice melts so damn fast that it waters down my rum.  See, I told you it’s in our nature to bitch about the weather. But we have to tolerate those days in order to really enjoy all the temperate days with beautiful mornings and gorgeous sunsets where it’s near perfect conditions to savor a leafy treat from the humidor.  That is until the mosquitos come out and carry you away. Man I hate mosquitos!

This most recent snow dump really sucked and the worst part is that it completely wreaked havoc on our Cigar Night.  But not Brother Dave, he braved the conditions and made it there.  The only one.  Of course after 136 years of being a post man, he is used to trudging through the foul weather so neither snow nor rain no heat nor gloom of night stays this cigar connoisseur from swift completion of his appointed smoking.  Or something like that.

JWSince Tuesday was a flop, many of the crew have reached so we’re planning to reconvene on the 10th for another shot at getting in our April Cigar Night.  Hopefully that bitch Mother Nature cooperates next week and everyone can make it down for a bit.  It also sounds like many of you guys are interested in the Ashton Event Thursday the 12th.   Twenty bucks for 2 premium sticks and a shot of Johnny Walker is a great deal.  Would be a better deal to do a shot with Jimmy Walker but I guess he was busy that night.

So I’ll see you all on Tuesday the 10th and many of you again on the 12th

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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