Becoming an official member of The Brotherhood of the Leaf is as easy as selecting one of available options below and sending in your application form.  The membership application form link can be found at the bottom of the page.

Premiere Member

The first tier of paid club membership is called our “Premiere Member” .  With yearly dues of only $50 you will receive an official club shirt with our embroidered logo along with a window sticker so you can sport the clubs “Mugsy” logo everywhere you travel.  As a Premiere Member you can take part in your chapters annual Christmas Cigar Exchange as well as numerous events throughout the year including meeting cigar vendors, food and beverage tastings and of course Cigar Nights.  *

VIP Member

The $100 dues per year for a “VIP Member” get  all the benefits of a Premiere Member.  The additional money from your VIP Membership goes to maintain the club website and cover the costs of running and supplying the club with all the products used to keep us functioning. The added bonus of being a VIP Member means you can place an ad for your business on our site where it will be promoted in our newsletters.  As a thank you to our VIP members, you will be treated to a yearly recognition dinner for your dedication to the club.   We can’t even put a value on this package but it’s probably worth a gazllion dollars as a rough estimate.

Down Load Your Membership Form Here



*  Events will differ from chapter to chapter due to location constraints and what your chapter President sets up.