Happy New Year’s

Posted By on January 3, 2010

Well fellas, me made it through another year and 2010 is already underway as the first work day of the new year looms heavily on the immediate horizon.  At least we have playoff football to keep us going through these balmy days of early January.  Remind me to rant about pseudo-scientist Al Gore and his global warming cronies later because it’s fucking 2 outside right now.  Two degrees you pompous asshole!  I guess that’s winter in Wisconsin so we know it just comes with the territory and you have to live with it or create a website where you can bitch about it. 

I hope that you all got a chance to spend some time with your families on New Year’s and then had a little time to yourself to kick back with a cigar and reflect on all that’s happened this past year.  Some of you guys may have even came up a few “New Year’s new_year_dietresolutions” in an attempt to pick a task and stick with it the entire year in the never ending effort to improve yourself.  Did you go with: lose weight, drink less, stop downloading so much porn?  Every year millions try to hold tight to their resolutions only to fall shorter than an Ewok in the long jump.  I can’t admit to having any resolutions this year except to  make The Brotherhood bigger and better for you guys.  Okay, I guess I can try to shed a few pounds but only because if I don’t cop to that my wife will never leave me alone.  I can always blame my failure on her good cooking.

I’m offering up a New Year’s Resolution to you guys I would love to see you take a stab at.  Bring a new buddy to Cigar Night each month.  Yeah, that’s it.  It’s my version of a pyramid scheme.  You invite one new friend, then next month he invites one new friend and so on, and so on.  I can make a flow chart for those of you that are a bit slow but I think you should be able to wrap your brain around the concept.  I’m looking forward to seeing lots of new faces this year so help spread the word and lets get everyone that enjoys cigars in Northeast Wisconsin  involved at some level in our little club. 

We have a some great events in January so I hope you join us on the 5th for Cigar Night at Titletown Tobaccothe Kristoff Cigar event on the 14th also at Titletown Tobacco, our Appleton/Fox Valley Chapter Cigar Night on the 20th at Appleton Souvenir & Cigar Co. and finally St. Brendan’s Inn cigar dinner on the 22nd.  In February we will have our long awaited members only dinner but remember it is restricted to those VIP and Platinum level members.  More details to follow soon so keep checking the calendar for dates and locations of all or events.

See you on the 5th for our first Cigar Night of 2010!

The Cigar Soldier

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night Online.com, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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