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Posted By on September 13, 2010

WisconsincapitalHey there my members of The Brotherhood, I know it’s a little last minute but I had to let you all know about an event I hope you try to attend.  I was contacted today by a fellow cigar smoker and Cigar Rights of America member who, like, me, is fed up with all the bullshit we cigar smokers are forced to deal with. 

Marty Klausmeier and his son Jeremy have planned a “Smoke the Vote” event and will be gathering at our state capital on September 25th at noon to light one up in protest of the laws our elected state officials keep heaping on those of us who choose to enjoy a legal product in moderation.  The only way to make these pompous wind bags wake up take note of us it to get in their faces and with the help of guys like Marty we can do just that.  What would be more enjoyable than creating a big blue cloud of cigar smoke in the air around the Capital Building where almost everyday (excluding of course the many days these guys don’t work) our politicians push for the rights and benefits of the down trodden and mis-represented?  That is of course unless you are a smoker, then your screwed my friends.

Every movement starts small and with some momentum it can snowball into a force that they will finally need to recognize.  That is why I have been pushing the benefits of becoming a member of the Cigar Rights of America and supporting or joining the fight against those that aim for higher taxes and massive smoking restrictions or out right smoking bans.  This is your chance to exorcise your First Amendment right to assemble in defence of our common interest.  There never seems to be a negative opinion of a protest group when they gather to speak out against oil companies, protest-crapbusiness, gasoline prices, or poor government choices so I think this demonstration fits the bill perfectly.  Marty will be notifying the local media to let them know of this “smoke in” so to speak, so I guess we’ll see if they even report on it.  I’m sure that we won’t be held in the high regards other demonstrators are looked at for taking a stand on something they believe in. 

I know that some of you guys are thinking, “what good will this do?”  Well, my answer is what good are you doing now ya lazy fat bastid?!  It’s time to act even if those acts seem small to you, eventually our politicians will notice and you do have the ability to light a spark of influence in others who may be more apt to get off their ass and do something so you can continue to sit around and bitch about how things are going to shit in this country without actually ever doing anything about it..  What could be better than a short road trip to Mad-Town on what should be a beautiful fall day to light up a cigar outside?  To make it even better, Marty has offered up some sticks from his own personal collection to the first 30 or so guys that show!!  How can you not take advantage of that?

I hope you boys look at trying to make the drive to show your support for this movement and more importantly your disapproval of the treatment of cigar smokers.  Feel free to email me for more information.

The Cigar Solder


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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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  1. Ben Champion says:

    I enjoy a good stokey about once a month along with a good shot of Tequila. Let them come and get them one cigar at a time along with a bullet at a time. Let stop this nonsense now.

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