I’m freezing my ash off!

Posted By on January 23, 2009

Howdy my Brothers.  The weatherman, er, excuse me, weather person (is that even fucking right?) has warned of another upcoming cold snap in store for us this weekend.  Enough of this crap already!  Global warming my frozen ass! Record snow falls and sub frigid temps unfit for man nor beast make enjoying a cigar this time of year in Wisconsin more difficult than finding a dress for Rosie O’Donnell.  All this snow and cold have us running for cover and trying to find a safe (and warm) place to enjoy our favorite past time.  This of course got me thinking about all the places we either are forced into or have to retreat to just for the simple pleasure of smoking a cigar.  I know many of you guys have gone to great lengths to create a “smoking room” at home or in your garage because you can’t smoke in the house and it’s near impossible to light up wearing mittens.  Now the rest of us not so lucky ones need to venture out into the big scary world in search of a safe haven where we can have a drink and cigar without being stoned to death from the anti-tobacco crowd.

I know that because those safe houses are becoming few and far between it has made it harder for us to find a place, be it bar or restaurant, that will still allow not only smoking but, dare I say, cigar smoking.  I would like to take a second to personally thank our close friends at Jimmy Sea’s for graciously letting us call them home over the last few years as we have grown Cigar Night into the areas most prestigious event.  Okay, maybe got a little over zealous there but the point is that Jimmy Sea’s has been great to us so please return the favor my friends.  Now back to my original brain wanderings, where the hell was I?  Oh yes, cigar friendly bars.

There are tons of places that still cater to smokers but I am looking for those few that are truly cigar friendly.  I won’t mention a few that many of you already know about that will allow you to sit at the bar and chain smoke a pack and a half of Marlboros while drinking tappers of Pabst  all afternoon but they forbid you to light up a cigar or pipe. WTF?  That type of shit gets me more hopping mad than a Chinese acrobat with and inner ear disorder.  We are now lower than the lowest (according to modern society) because we simply choose a premium all natural hand made tobacco product instead of a chemically laden machine made cigarette?   I am completely okay with the owner of any establishment saying no to all smoking ( not the state, the actual owner) since he or she is ultimately responsible for the success of their business.  If their patroons demand no smoking then so be it.  But how the fuck do you say it’s just fine and dandy to allow cigarettes but not pipes and cigars? 

Well now is your chance to share with the world your favorite places to go for either drinks or dinner that will still allow the enjoyment of  a cigar or pipe.  I will be creating an ever changing list (due to the increase in smoking bans) that will soon become your go to reference when searching for a place that not only has great booze and food, but lets you light up or purchase a quality cigar.  I will devote a page on cigarnightonline.com to list any suggestions you guys contribute.  I’d like you to keep your posts about the places that will allow cigars, not the ones that don’t since those are the places we wouldn’t go anyway.  Try to keep the list focused on Northeastern Wisconsin since chances are we can frequent those spots more easily than some hole in the wall joint in East St. Louis.  It is my goal to provide you guys with a great resource you can refer back to whenever you head out for a drink, or when the wife traps you into taking her out on the town and you know your only chance of surviving the evening is with a great cigar.

The Cigar Soldier

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night Online.com, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


4 Responses to “I’m freezing my ash off!”

  1. Rick Rentmeester says:

    The Tilted Kilt still allows you to enjoy a cigar while checking out the scenery and the food isn’t to bad either.

    If I am not mistaken Knights on Main in Depere will allow us to belly up to the bar for a cigar and cocktail unless something has changed since we last did this.

  2. Eric Everson says:

    This one’s easy ……………….. St Brendan’s Inn !

  3. Great picks so far guys! Yes, all are “still” cigar friendly at this point and stock a full bar with varying degree of food. St. Brendan’s gives you a true Irish Pub feel in downtown Green Bay with great menu selections and some of the best imported beers you’ll find anywhere. Of course they also have an extensive Irish whiskey list to choose from. Knights on Main has become a great lunch and later afternoon spot for me. The food is wonderful and although they have a smaller selection I have never had a bad meal there. Now the Kilt, food is decent at best but beer and girls are the real reason to go. We’ve always been welcomed to light one up after lunch so we’ll give them the stamp of approval as well.

  4. Tim Beno says:

    I have never been turned away from 1001 Club on Main and Webster in GB. Nice bar area and a good place to stop late afternoon.

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