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Posted By on May 21, 2009

What’s up my faithful followers?  I’ve got a few updates for you guys that are so important they could not wait.  Well, actually they could but I didn’t want you boys to go an entire week without hearing from me.  I know you can spend a week, or weeks without talking to your wife, kids, in laws, girlfriend etc.  But a whole week without Cigar Club updates is pure punishment.


We are still set for an afternoon of golf on June 2nd before we head to Eric’s for our June Cigar Night.  Please check out my last post here: https://www.cigarnightonline.com/2009/05/fore/ to get all the info you need to get set up for a fun afternoon at our First Annual Gars & Golf Outing.  You need to RSVP NOW so hurry up and do it before I send the goon squad to rough you up for insubordination. 


Our last Cigar Night saw another big jump in new membership so I want to thank all of you for spreading the word and bringing so many new guests to see what a great thing we have.  With the statewide smoking ban on the way, the power of our group will be instrumental in allowing us the continued pleasure of enjoying fine cigars.  I just ordered the shirts for our newest paid members so you will see them all sporting the finest in Cigar Club wear on the 2nd of June.  Your parents always told you “follow the group, don’t ever think for yourself”.  And who could forget, “If so and so jumped of the bridge you should too?”.  Well now its “if everyone else joins Cigar Club you should to.”  Hey, don’t be an outcast, conform and become one the in-crowd.


By now you should know about the golf outing before Cigar Night.  (See above you fools)  The plan is to kick back at Eric Everson’s place on Scray hill. The address is 1826 Hawthorne Heights Drive and I will have directions and more info to follow soon.  For those of you that were not around last summer here’s how it usually works.  Bring your favorite beverage (we’ll supply the ice, coolers and glassware), a few stogies and a snack to pass if you like and you’re set.  Our friends from Titletown Tobacco will be there as aways with a great selections so there’s really no need to even bring your own.


Don’t forget to check out this months featured site Sponsor, Maverick Graphx.  Mike Lewens has been not only a charter member but supplies some of the great items I give you cats with your paid membership.  Thank you Mike and the great team at Maveric Graphx!



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