June Cigar Night

Posted By on May 31, 2009

Hello boys (and our First Lady),

In between wasting time on Facebook and looking for scantily clad pictures of Jenny McCarthy, I have the privilege of addressing you bastids and overseeing The Brotherhoodof the Leaf along with our monthly Cigar Nights.  It’s a labor of love but for you guys I dutifully man my post and, well…post.  Now if only the wife would let me smoke cigars in the house I could muster up the inspiration to come up with some great thought provoking topics.  Since I am pounding away on the keyboard sans cigar, where did I hide that link to the shots of young starlets without panties?

Next week is our first golf outing of the year and from the numbers I’ve seen, it’s looks like we’re going to have a great day.  Hey if we get rained out we’ll go drink in a bar.  “Spend all afternoon in a bar” you say?  Well..yes!  I’ve seen myself do it before so I know with your support I could do it again.  If you’re spaced on this whole golf outing thing, you’ve either been in a hole for the last few weeks or just signed up to get these fancy smanchy email updates.  Check out this link: https://www.cigarnightonline.com/2009/05/fore/ for all the info you’ll need to join us on the links.  There is still time to sign up and we would love to see you play but if you aren’t into the whole wandering around a huge yard smacking a ball in the hopes of not loosing more of them than you brought, then just be sure to join us at Eric’s for a evening of cigars.

We will be holding our June Cigar Night at Eric Everson’s home at 1826 Hawthorne Heights Drive.  Look it up and if you have trouble finding it, email me for more directions.  Cigar Nights outside of a bar are always a great time since with fewer distractions you get a better chance to enjoy the cigar chat with other members on a more personal level.  You will forever regret missing this night so don’t let that happen!  The normal protocol is to bring whatever beverage of choice you wish to enjoy (we’ll supply the glasses, ice and a cooler to keep it all chilled) and toss in an extra lawn chair since I hope we’ll run low on seating.  When you show up just park your buggy and wander around the house to the left and you’ll reach paradise.  Actually it’s the deck, but once you sit back with a cigar and a drink I think you’ll agree that “paradise” is a perfectly acceptable description.  It’s not Florida so it’s probably going to chill down and since your mommy isn’t here to tell you to put on a coat, I’ll remind you to bring a jacket so you don’t freeze your Ben and Jerry’s off.

On top of the all the fun the club has lined up for you already, the gents from Titletown Tobaccowill be on the course with us sporting a selection of cigars to enjoy while you hunt for that expensive new driver you just threw in the woods.  The guys have some real premiere picks for later that evening so be sure to bring your membership card to take advantage of your discounts.  On tap will be the Oliva Serie V Ligero, the Don Lino Maduro Box Press and the Joya de Nicaragua which is a real powerhouse of flavor.

That should cover it for now plus I need to get back to wacthing the Brew Crew whoop up on the Reds.  SWEEP BABY!  See you cats on Tuesday!

The Cigar Soldier

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