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Posted By on June 16, 2009

How many of you guys didn’t take me seriously when I told you that if you missed the golf outing and Cigar Night last week you would regret it for the rest of your life?  It was a day for the books!  The weather cooperated and we had a perfect day on the coarse followed by an ideal evening at Eric’s place with premium cigars, drinks and the first ever Happy Gilmore tee-off competition.  This one might be a little tough to explain so here go’s; 

After watching Dave completely destroy the ball doing his best impersonation of Adam Sandler in his Oscar Award winning role as hockey player turned PGA golfer Happy Gilmore, talk soon spread that nobody could top the feat witnessed by only a selected lucky few on the links that day.  Yeah, that’s where talk of a competition started to heat up.  Never tell a man with two glasses of McCallen 12 year old in him that he can’t out drive another golfer.  Actually that should be advice handed down from your father of grandfather when you are a child.  Anyway, we gathered a few of our better (translation: arrogant) golfers and offered them the chance to show off their ability to tee off in the most unconventional way possible.  After putting a years supply of golf balls into the woods and onto the executive coarse below (you didn’t read that here) we couldn’t really crown a winner so it was drinks and cigars for everyone.  I guess now when I tell you not to miss out on shit like this maybe you’ll pay closer attention.

Might be a bit last minute for some of you guys but, you are all invited to neighborhood birthday bash on June 27th.  It is a gathering for all of us with June birthdays that is turning into a block party complete with live music by 12 Volt band (featuring yours truly), lots of food, drinks and of course a chance to smoke  cigars.  The party will take place at Newton Le Court in Kaukauna right around the corner from my place so if you are interested in joining the party let me know and I’ll give you more details.  It will be a great party and I would really like to see you all in your Cigar Club shirts there to enjoy a day of play.

Next month we have a few big things planned for the club.  First off, Cigar Night will be back at Jimmy Sea’s so we can enjoy the upstairs deck along with great weather and hopefully even better views.  (girls you ignorant pigs)  There will be more info to follow and a few surprises for you guys.  Also in the planning stage is our Cycles and Cigar Ride tentatively scheduled for Sunday July 12th.  We will do a day run (route to be finalized soon) with a stop for lunch and a cigar before riding back to a locations in Green Bay for cold beers and more cigars at a post ride party.  The ride is open to all club members and guests who would enjoy a day on the bike with the joys of premium cigars.  I am looking for numbers very soon so please let me know if you are interested and how may bikes/guests you might bring.  I will follow up by emails to those planning on riding to share future updates and details.  Now the best part is that EVERYONE is invited to the post ride gathering!  Time and location are still being hammered out so for now just pencil it in so you can join us for an afternoon of fun.

There is still time to get your membership in to qualify as a “Charter Member” and we’ll logo your club shirt (like the others you’ve seen) so you will forever have the status of being one of the elite few that were with The Brotherhood from our inception.  Go download the sign up form now before you forget. 

That should wrap up my ramblings for the moment so for now just get back to me on the Cigars and Cycles Ride and keep pushing those memberships to new members.  The bigger we are, the better the perks we can offer.  Next year might be new BMWs with all paid applications.  You never know.

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