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Posted By on November 5, 2009

I swear that I saw the first snow flakes of the year Wednesday while at lunch.  It wasn’t much of anything but it did make me realize that outdoor smoking has officially come to an end for us bastids in Wisconsin.  Now I know many of you guys have some great man cave set ups at home where you can sneak away from the wife and kids, maybe with a cigar buddy in tow, and enjoy the comforts of heat and cable TV while kicking back with a stogie.  Actually I’d love to see some pics of your hide aways so send me some clear shots of your private smoking paradise and I’ll post them online.  I think I will even award a prize to the best set up so lets see who has crafted the most creative home cigar lounge.  Every year we go through the same ordeal as winter winds make it near impossible to take our hobby into the great outdoors.  With a lot of help I have come up with a  number of solutions that allow you the pleasures of cigars inside plus you can hang with members of The Brotherhood.  Here is a quick list of some of our upcoming events but please check the calendar often as I am constantly adding new outings.

November 11Appleton Souvenir & Cigar Co. is hosting an Ashton event but you MUST purchase a ticket in advance!  Tickets are only $10 bucks and limited to the a mere 50 guests.  When I last checked there were still tickets available so you better get one now!  Your ticket price will be used against your first purchase.

November 12Titletown Tobacco and Stephen from Tabacalera Perdoma will be showcasing the various Perdomo brands with some great specials.  For any 3 cigars purchased you will walk away with a FREE Perdomo Patriarch and for any box you’ll grab some free swag to show off to your jealous friends.

November 13– Belt Buster Burgar Challenge at Tosties in Forestville. WTF?  Here’s the plan.  Mike from Titletown Tobacco is organizing a “Man Vs Food” outing that includes meeting at the store by 5:00 for a pre-dinner cigar.  From there we’ll carpool to Forestville (about a half hour drive) to attempt to devour their famous 1 1/2 pound burger.  Polish this baby off in less than 30 minutes and your picture will live forever on the wall of glory.  After plugging dead cow down your throat we’ll return to The Lounge for some serious digestion and another cigar or two.  Please RSVP with Mike ( mike@titletowntobacco.com) because we need an accurate head count so Tosties can accomodat us.  A big thanks to Mike for planning this one, my cardiologist is gonna hate you buddy.

November 14Prime Cigar Company has invited The Brotherhood back to Brookfield for their First Annual Turkey Ball.  The last time we visited Prime was for the Isabella Miami event and it was a blast.  Tons of give aways, contests, drawing and possibly more freebies!  Check out some pics from the last event here.  The plan is to hit Prime Cigar in the afternoon for a few hours and then stop for prime rib at MJ Stevens in Hartford.  Hitting one of these places is enough to fill your day with more pleasure than you deserve but we’re combining the two into a day that only Christmas and the Jolly fat man could compete against.  You need to RSVP with me RIGHT AWAY so we can plan to carpool.  You will regret missing this day so do whatever you have to do to make this one!

November 18 – Our Appleton/Fox Valley Cigar Night is officially underway so join us for our second gathering and to welcome new members into The Brotherhood.  We will again meet at Appleton Souvenir and Cigar Co. so help spread the word to all the cigar smokers you know in the Valley that The Brotherhood of the Leaf is taking over.

Damn that’s a lot of shit to do but I told you being involved with the club would offer you some great opportunities.  Think back because I’m almost sure that’s something I would have said.  These events will be a great chance to spend time with guys who all share a passion for fine cigars, good food and in enjoying all that life has to offer.  Please take a few seconds right now to RSVP to the ones you plan to attend and I look forward to seeing you all there. 

Looks like November is going to be a crazy month and before you know it you’ll be blowing snow, hanging tinsel and trying to drink enough eggnog to make your mother-in-law disappear. But for now I hope you’ll take advantage of some of these great events since it’s too damn cold to smoke outside anyway.  Don’t forget to send me those pictures of your private cigar lovers man caves!

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