Independence from what?

Posted By on June 30, 2010

Before I get too far into my next thought, for anyone that I might have offended with some minor vulgarity in my last post, I kinda apologize.  Not totally apologize because I know you guys all drop the “F” bomb now and then when you’re pissed off , well so did I.  Besides the fact that it was meant to be humorous so if you were really that offended, get off your high horse and create your own Cigar Club with your own website and you can write your own witty little quips while our hobby is destroyed by those A-holes in office.  Kapish?

antiwisconsinAlready then, back to business.  Without beating a dead horse, cause Matthew Broderick is already doing that every time he lays the wood to Sarah Jessica Parker, I have to mention the fact that as of July 5th you will no longer be able to light up in your favorite pub.  The smoking ban for the great state of Bucky Badger kicks in immediately following the celebration of  Independence Day which commemorates when we  rejected the British Monarchy and decided to govern ourselves as a new country.  So just to make sure I understand this, as a collective unit the peoples of the new world were so fed up with the way they were being governed they risked their lives to take a stand against oppressive rules and regulations yet today most of the water-heads in this country are to dumb to even properly complete an election ballot?  We’ve come a long way baby! 

The smoking ban will have devastating closedbareffects on many bars and taverns in this state.  Please go grab a pen and write this down right now so you’ll be able to go back later and verify that the Cigar Soldier told you that the lies the anti-smoking crowd is telling you about the benefits of a ban are complete bullshit.  The studies being used to push this garbage are skewed to show what they want them to show, bans are actually beneficial.  HOGWASH!  We’ll see story after story on how the ban has had “no effect” on local restaurants and taverns when in fact the real statistics will never be unveiled that countless establishments will have been forced to close their doors.  See, the study will show that even after the ban hotels are still full and bars are still packed.  Sure they are, in Green Bay during Packer games! But what about in Rhinelander?  What about a family owned bar in Wausau that caters to the third shift paper mill worker who just wants to stop for a quick beer and burn a heater before going home?  They don’t have the massive influx of tourism dollars part of the year to make up the difference when the money from the locals is no longer coming in.  My point is that without looking past the bullshit and doctored numbers all you will hear is how the ban has been good for Wisconsin.  I will continue to show you throughout the rest of this year, and well into next year, it is NOT. 

minorsDiamond Jim was giving another of his useless public image campaign appearances the other day and he actually claimed that the upcoming ban will be good because it will discourage young people from smoking.  HEY RETARD, young kids can’t go into a bar and there is already a law restricting the sale of tobacco to minors.  So what really is your stance?  Is the ban for the benefit of people in the work place or to rid the world of tobacco.  Comments like that show your true colors you fascist prick!  The ban has never been about protecting the poor worker who toils away serving you deep fried cheese and cold beer, the anti-tobacco regime wants to ban tobacco use in all forms completely.  Little tip for you tyrants, nobody is holding a gun to their head making them work in a bar!  Go work someplace with out smoke, like maybe pick apples or be a roofer so we can “take back” the jobs we Americans don’t want.  If you chose to work in a smokey environment you loose all right to bitch about it.  Sorry but that’s the rule.  It’s like working in a fish processing plant and complaining that it smells too fishy or working at a strip club and bitching cause you keep getting glitter in your eyes. Get another job you brain dead fool and stop expecting things you don’t deserve by stripping away my freedoms.

I hope that some day normalcy will prevail and the pendulum will swing back the other way on some of these issues but until then we have to keep up the fight because these movements can and will be overturned.  Unfortunately for us as pipe and cigar smokers, we are lumped into the pile with cigarette smokers who are the main target of these campaigns because they are the easiest to attack.  The broad sweeping taxes affect us all and it doesn’t take much thought to realize there is no way to fund the governments pipe dreams if we cut back or quit smoking.  We’re in this sinking boat together.

I know that many of you guys will be spending next week with the family camping or running from one festival to another enjoy the extra  day off, but make sure you show up for Cigar Night on the 6th.  Since we’ll be expecting nice weather for a while the club will be meeting at Brother Mike Suttner’s (Flounder) for a patio party.  Just bring a lawn chair, your drink(s) of choice and maybe a snack to pass.  We’ll provide coolers, cups and ice. 

235 Fairview Ave, Green Bay, WI
In case of inclement weather we’ll meet at The Lounge.

 I hope to see you all at Cigar Night next week but for now, please have a safe and Happy July 4th my friends in what ever way you choose to celebrate it. 


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Cigar Soldier

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