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Posted By on July 15, 2010

I didn’t blow off any fingers over the 4th of July Holiday plgarcampfireaying with fireworks but yet I still type like a carpenter who had an accident with a skill saw.  Checking the calendar I can’t believe that we’re cruising through July and closing in on mid-summer already.  Where the hell have the days gone?  That is the reason it is so important to take time out of your busy schedules to enjoy a cigar outside before the snow starts to fly and the weather restricts us to hiding out indoors.  It will be here before we know it but it gives me something else to bitch about so that’s kinda nice.

Now before depression sets in since most of you guys just realized that you have yet to actually enjoy the few months of bad snowmobiling weather we get here in the great white north, I have lots of event updates for you.  Before I get too far into that, don’t forget about my little contest that’s running for our club members; for every new member you sign up, you get FREE CIGARS!  That means a chance to win monthly prizes and I’ll have a nice end of the year package for the member who introduces the most new faces to the group.  You must be a paid member in good standing and you’ll receive credit once your referral is fully paid.  It’s that simple.

Here are some details on the events we have set up for the next few weeks.  Be sure to check the Events Calendar online so you don’t miss anything.

July 31 – Titletowntobacco Golf Outing04briteeoff

The First Annual (soon to be classic) Golf outing hosted by the great crew at Titletown Tobacco and The Lounge will be held at Royal St. Partick’s in Wrightstown.  The outing will benefit CSAW who fight tirelessly to defend our rights to enjoy cigars in tobacco shops throughout the state. Your registration includes golf, a box lunch, dinner, cigars and of course some great hole prizes.  For more information and to sign up, just check out this link for your registration form

August 3rd – Cigar Night

 We’ll attempt to enjoy another evening outside for Cigar Night so stock up the travel humidor, cooler and lawn chair to hang out at Brother Grampa Bear’s (Mike Lauder) for some camaraderie.  I’ll have coolers full of ice to chill down your bottles or mix up a cocktail so bring your beverage of choice and a snack to share.  Mike’s address is 153 Hilltop Drive in Allouze.  See you anytime after 5! 

August 8th – 2nd Annual Smoking Cycles Runlogo

The Brotherhood will be taking over the highways as we take a run to “somewhere” in Door County for lunch, cigars and maybe a refreshment or two.  There is no cost to participate in the ride and this event is open to all club members or their guests.  You can ride or follow in your favorite 4  wheeled cager since I know a few of you bums have classic cars that need to be hauled out once in a while.  The caravan will leave from Titletown Tobacco around 10:00am and return late afternoon for a post ride cigar and dinner for anyone interested.  RSVP on the clubs Facebook page or email me at

August 21st – Rib Dinner at Titletown Tobacco

Join the shop for a rib dinner with three sides and three cigars all for $33.00.  It’s like a theme night for the number 3!  Along with a great dinner, the featured gars of the night will come from vast Rocky Patel line.  Buy 3 and 1 free but buy a box and get 7 sticks for nothing.  WOW!  Tickets are on sale now so swing buy the shop to get yours today or email Mike at to get yourself involved.


You’ve all been waiting for it so here is finally is!  With a little help I’ve selected a few items for you guys to pick up to show your support for not only The Brotherhood of the Leaf, but cigar smokers everywhere.  How’s that for putting some pressure on you?  I’ll be taking clothing orders once a month at Cigar Night or you can email them to me during the following week.  This will help keep the cost of shipping down cause I’m such a considerate prick I’m thinking only about you guys.  Prices shown include the club logo only so any additional embroidery will be at your expense since I’m not running a soup kitchen around here.  Check out all the cool stuff on the new Club Gear page.

That should keep you mooks occupied for a while penciling those dates into your calendars or plugging them into your Blackberry so you won’t forget.  I’ll keep the events calendar updated as best I can in case we need to make a road trip to catch some fun at one of the many brick and mortar shops throughout the state.

Not much for hot topics from The Cigar Soldier today but I wanted to get these dates out to guys so you have time to get your parent consent forms signed by the wife so she’ll let your lazy ass out of the house to attend some of them.  I can almost guarantee that no other group of cigar enthusiasts anywhere has access to as many fun gatherings as you cats so I hope you appreciate all the work that goes into pulling off these puppies.  I know that for myself and the gang at Titletown Tobacco, we do it for you guys because of our shared passion for fine cigars.  Actually it’s fun as hell also!

Enjoy the rest of the summer and smoke em up boys,

The Cigar Soldier



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