Spring! Well, Almost

Posted By on March 9, 2011

Happy Hump day my boys!  Not sure if you noticed, but here in the Midwest we’re getting another six or so inches ofSpring Snow snow which means I’ll be firing up the ol’ snow blower again when I get home from work to toss some flakes around.  That means I’ll have to come up with some excuse to stay in the garage and bang some wrenches around so I can tell the wife that I’m fixing something on the blower so I can have a cigar.  Sneaky ain’t I?  Yeah I know it’s March and we’re all itching for Spring worse than a Scoutmaster on trial for molestation with a bad case of poison oak, but soon it will come and we’ll be whining for it to cool off cause it’s so damn hot out there.  Just so long as I keep my humidor well stocked with leafy goodness I stay happy and will continue to do my best at not bitching about the weather to you guys.  Besides, even though it was really a bitch driving to work today, it sure is pretty out there.

It’s great to know that no matter what mother natures throws at us, we have plenty of fun cigar events to take advantage of as we make our way from winter into spring.  Check out some of the fun things coming up in the next couple of days:

March 12th – Isabla Miami Cigars at Prime Cigarsremains
This weekend we’ll be loading up the wagons and heading to our favorite home away from home at Prime Cigars in Brookfield for the Midwest’s only Isabla Miami Cigar tasting event.  I even have a sampler stash of some pre-event cigars for each guy that plans to go down for the day.  Following an afternoon of stogies and suds we’ll be making a pit stop on the way home at MJ Stevens in Slinger for their Saturday night prime rib special.  That alone is worth the trip but following up an afternoon of happy sticks and brewskies this will be one helluva day my Brothers.  Please email me if you are interested so I can get you departure times and plan out the carpool.

March 16th – 19th – Alec Bradley Cigars at Titletown Tobacco
Yes, you read that right fellas, the guys from Titletown Tobacco will be hosting a 4 day event to help kick off March Madness and get you stocked up on some great cigars from Alec Bradley.  Each day boasts a buy 4 get 1 one free special and lands you raffle tickets for nightly prize drawings with the biggest and baddest prizes on the 19th.  Stop down for some tournament b-ball and grab a couple boxes of some really good sticks.

Who says I’m not looking our for you kids?  Don’t forget to check out the events calendar on the home page of Cigar Night Online for a complete list of cigar happenings throughout the area.  I try to keep it as updated as possible so if I know about the event, you can expect to find it there.

 Plans are also in the works for our VIP members dinner.  That damned statewide smoking ban has really played havoc with trying to put this thing together since we can’t have a cigar in a plublic place anymore.  Never worry my little buddies, The Cigar Soldier will prevail and get this all hammered out one way or another.  It’s kinda what I do for my people.  If you are not at least a VIP member there is still time to upgrade your membership so you won’t feel left out!

This summer will also be our 3rd Annual Smokin’ Cycles ride as well as some golf outings, a picnic grill out and a few other fun things I have marinating in the back of my little brain just for you guys.  So even though it sucks out there today, this week is half over and by the time you recover from all the green beer you’re going to drink on St. Paddy’s day, it will be April.  That means most department stores will be only weeks away from setting up their Christmas displays.

Have a great week!

The Cigar Soldier

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