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Posted By on June 2, 2011

It just actually may finally be Summer outside.  About friggin’ time eh boys? That of course means the gals are wearing little to nothing and that (usually) is a good thing.  I guess what I’m saying is that if the back pockets on your Jordache are a foot apart, Daisy Dukes are not a look you ought to attempting.  Not that I’m a cover model or anything but I’m sure I could get a gig showing off coveralls in the Fleet-Farm flyer so that gives me credibility tolawnchair                             make piggish comments like this.

Summer also means cigars outside!  Our next Cigar Night is planned for June 7th and weather permitting, we’ll be at Brother Flounders place in Depere.  We’ve all been to Mike Suttners before but for you new guys and gals that have not, he’s at 235 Fairview.  Just take Fairview off of South Webster and it’s the last house on the left hand side of the road.  Bring a lawn chair, your choice of drink and maybe a snack to share and we’ll have ice, coolers and stories full of more bull shit than a fertilizer truck.

We’re also in the works of planning a “Booze Cruise” on fellow member Jimmy C’s boat.  The decision to be made is whether we do it on a Monday night or on the weekend.  The plan is to cruise the river with a cold drink in hand creating more smoke than a turn of the century steamship. Think about what you could fit in and we’ll try to get a date hammered out this Tuesday. night  Seating will be limited to 9-10 guys so if you’re interested it will obviously be first come first serve.  Why you wouldn’t want to burn a stogie and have a cocktail on the water is beyond me so I expect this little soiree to fill up fast.

Since the dolts in the government office decided to protect us from ourselves and enact a statewide smoking ban last year, we’re VERY limited in what options we have for our members dinner.  So to solve that problem we’re going to throw a big bash including a catered cookout and cigars for not only you, but the whole freakin’ family. Well, not cigars for the whole family but you get the idea.  The details are being worked out but we’re planning an afternoon of fun and games with great food, bar service and maybe even some live music.  I know summers are extremely busy so please look at your worthless lives and give me some options on a date so we can make this baby happen.

42-15529727Ah yes, renewal time is just around the corner for many of you and of course I’m behind in getting your goodies mailed out.  I really hope to spend some time at the computer this weekend so I can have your stuff ready on Tuesday but I’m guessing that cold beers and that new box of cigars I picked up will more than likely occupy the majority of my time and I’ll just stare at the stack of paperwork instead.  Hey, I’m just a man and I have urges that need to be addressed so BACK OFF!  I know you are all anxious to get your new shirts (year 3) and are just praying that I don’t go with tank tops.  I was leaning towards those mesh half shirt practice jerseys like we wore in high school football so we could all show off our abs of steel that I’m sure we’ve all been working on over the long winter.  Oh, you didn’t?  Yeah, neither did I.

This will be another great summer to be involved in the Brotherhood so I’m still offering my free cigar referral program to anyone that brings in a new member so please keep spreading the word and lets get every cigar smoker in the area involved.

See you all on the 7th!

The Cigar Soldier

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