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Posted By on August 26, 2009

So I’m spending last weekend much the same way I do almost every Saturday, recovering from too much drinking the night before with a pot a coffee on the couch watching HGTV and DYI Network home improvement shows.  My wife says the best thing we could do to improve our home is for my lazy ass to get off the couch, but I’ll save that topic for another day.  In my hung over state I caught a few shows you guys might be interested in. 

After all the public hype over anti-smoking laws, false statistics regarding second hand smoke and media coverage that more people are quitting smoking than ever before, I watched two shows that prove cigar smokers are alive and well.  First off was a show called Man Land on HGTV where they scope out creations for and by guys to enjoy being a dude.  On this episode they visited a guy who has created his very own smoking room in the basement of their home complete with poker table, pool table, big screen, plush leather furniture and even his collection of miniature cars.  He created a space to just kick back and enjoy his “stuff” while having a cigar or two with friends.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  He claims  it was roughly $5000.00 to construct his personal sanctuary since much of the project was done by himself with reclaimed materials.  Not a bad cigar room for a couple thousand bucks.

The other show I caught was an episode of Man Caves on the DIY Network.  If you’ve never seen this show, Tony Siragusa (ya the ex-football player) and Jason Cameron show up and build dream rooms for guys so at least they can have one part of the house uncluttered by the decorating touches of the wife. On this particular Saturday the plan was to fully remodel a room into a personal cigar lounge complete with bar, built in humidor and of course the ever present plush comfy leather couches and chairs.  No more will this man of the house have to stand outside in the frigid winter winds to enjoy the one pleasure he has in life.  Not sure how expensive this baby was but it was not a cheap build out but if you’re gonna do it, do it right.  They even brought in rollers who made personalized cigars for his new lounge.  All that work for a cigar smoker and his family.  Very touching. (Sniff sniff, little tear)

I know many of you guys have created your own little slice of heaven at home already where you can retire with a cigar to melt away the daily stress but many of us do not have that option. When I thought about these shows it’s not that guys want their own room in the house, we’ve always wanted that.  The part the struck me was that in this day and age with such an anti-smoking atmosphere out there they are actually showing guys making rooms dedicated to the cigar lifestyle.  WTF?  I thought word was out that even thinking about enjoying a cigar was going to kill you.  I guess not bitches!   We’re still buying and enjoying our cigars and will continue to do do even in these negative times.  All over the country our fellow brothers of the leaf are facing the same issues we face here and they are finding ways to survive.  I think it’s great that these two shows are giving a big middle finger to the anti-smoking zealots by showing that we will find a way to pursue or hobby and not everybody is against cigars and smoking.  A huge Kudos go out to them for supporting our hobby so Thank You from The Brotherhood of the Leaf.

Wife not gonna let you build a 800 square foot smoking room in the basement of the house or convert the garage into a cigar lounge?  I know mine isn’t (hint hint Man Cave or Man Land producers). With that damn statewide smoking ban on the horizon our future is looking pretty tough if you don’t have a place to go.  Well men, your problem is solved!  The new Titletown Tobacco retail store and members lounge will be opening very soon.  Actually we get to test run the place on September 1st for our monthly cigar night before the general public even gets to see the place.  Do I take care of you guys or what?  The walk in humidor will be stocked and they will have some soda, tea, coffee and water for us to enjoy but you are welcome and encouraged to bring your own beverages since they will not be selling alcohol.  I’ll have some great pictures and an exclusive interview with the guys posted very soon.  It will be my usual Pulitzer Prize winning material so look for it soon.

A few more quick updates for you guys: 

Time is ticking on getting signed up as a “Charter Member” so if you ever wanted to be a part of the most exclusive club ya better do it soon.  I’ll have applications at Cigar Night on the 1st.  Also, our Appleton chapter is almost ready to get rolling so for those of you in the Valley your dreams are finally going to come true when we kick of Cigar Nights in the Fox Valley area.  They will be the third Wednesday of every  month so look for more details in the next few weeks.

Oh yeah, if you missed our Whiskey Tasting night at the Paper Valley you might as well go jump off tower drive bridge because it was an unbelievable evening.  Just so you won’t feel bad about not going I won’t say anything other than you bastids will soon learn that when I tell you how great something will be I really mean it.

That’s all for now so enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you at The Vault this weekend for Buffett Bash.

The Cigar Soldier

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