October Cigar Night

Posted By on October 1, 2009

So much has happend since my last update to you mugs that I almost don’t know where to start.  That’s almost don’t know where to start.  See, by definition alone since you are reading well into my third sentence I have for all practical purposes already begun.  Nah, just fuckin’ with ya.  Actually some really great things have gone on over the last few weeks; Mike, Aaron and Glen have officially re-opened their new retail location complete with private lounge, we will be kicking off our Appleton chapter of Cigar Night for our friends down south and I got an “A” on my first spelling test of the year.  Fourth grade freakin’ rocks! 

The biggest news is of course Titletown Tobacco’s new location and private lounge.  After a long uphill run the guys have opened up and you need to stop by if you haven’t done so yet.  The grand opening took place on September 10th and you were able to enjoy all the perks of the members only lounge while taking advantage of some great specials on the new Cain Cigars.  I hope that all of you look into the benefits of becoming a paid member of The Brotherhood of the Leaf as well as The Lounge because in a very short time this may be your only safe port in a stormy sea of anti-tobacco legislation.  ( I was feeling a little nautical there after a day of fishing but I promise I’ll let it pass)  We’ll now have another new place to anchor down ( sorry, couldn’t help myself) for our upcoming Cigar Nights since they guys are closing down the shop just for us so we can have full run of the place.  That also means that for those of you with a punch card for your monthly discounts will be able to chose from any treat in the walk in humidor.  I told you guys I would take care of you.  A simple parade in my honor to show your gratitude should suffice.  Just email me for more information regarding Club membership and how getting a year pass to the private lounge might benefit you.

I know that not everyone is a regular cigar smoker and therefore the additional cost of club dues and private lounge fees can be a hard pill to swallow.  For many of you just taking part in Cigar Night and enjoying a cigar or two a month is all you may need.  That’s totally okay!  There are many different types of people who enjoy a fine cigar.  Some guys smoke whatever is least expensive and are not very choosy about selecting a premium cigar.  That definitely explains why small machine made cigars make up the largest segment of cigars purchased in the states.    Then there are the guys that smoke only what is considered hip and popular and have kept marketers and advertising companies in business for years.  Like the mindless lemmings who get advice from Cigar Aficionado and buy nothing but big name sticks cause they think it makes them look cool to smoke the hottest new brand on the market.  You’re all fuckin’ morons so stop being told what to enjoy and try making up your own God damn mind for once.  Sorry, had to vent for a second.

The next group of cigar smokers are the ones that remain loyal to one particular brand and never deviate from that choice.  These guys have no real interest in venturing out into other brands since there is a level of comfort in their favorite cigar.  Anyone of these types are still considered “cigar smokers’ because they enjoy something that their cigar offers them even if they have no real desire to experience all that premium cigars can bring.  We all at one time (or maybe still are) were classified in one of these categories before taking the next step.  If you are content with your place then by all means, I am happy for you.  If you’re like me though you are excited to sample new blends and learn all you possibly can about those precious little tubes of tobacco leaves. 

In an effort to help get you started or help you continue on your exploration into the wonderful world of cigars, Adam Paal from Fire up that cigar.com will be at next weeks Cigar Night to teach you how to really enjoy a cigar.  If you’re not already a subscriber to Adam’s site you’re missing out on some really great reviews.  He is going to give you helpful hints on how to fully enjoy the tastes, flavors and aromas of your favorite stick. 

The clock has almost run out on your opportunity to be a “Charter Member” in the Green Bay chapter so if you’re still interested in gaining that highest of distinction on your club shirt I’m giving you one more night to get signed up.  The Appleton/Fox Valley Chapter kicks off this month on the 21st so if you are interested in joining us at Appleton Souvenir & Cigar Co. we’d love to have you help get our newest group off on the right foot.  You are all welcome to attend so I hope I see a few familiar faces join me.

Check the calendar on our homepage for dates and details of all our upcoming events so you never miss out.

Word to your mutha,

The Cigar Soldier

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