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Posted By on August 13, 2009

What up monkeys?  I have a few big updates for you guys so pay attention for a minute and try to stay focused on this.  First off, we had a great night on the 4th for our August Cigar Night.  It was wonderful to see a few new faces as well as a handful of guys that haven’t been there in a LONG time.  Thank you all for making it a perfect night for the club.  Second, don’t forget that on the 18th the Brotherhood is invited to a whiskey tasting at the Raddison Paper Valley in Appleton and I really need the RSVP’s in right away. Cost is only twenty-five bucks for what is lining up to be a very nice event.  I need you to email me right now at to let me know that you are coming and how many guests you plan the bring.  You’re still reading aren’t you?  Go back and click the fucking link and sign up!  I will email you further details once you confirm your spot at the event.  The rest of you should be ashamed of yourself for not going.  There are staving children all over the world that haven’t yet been adopted by Madonna or Brad and Angelina who will never get the chance to eat classy food and sample premium spirits in one of the swankiest hotels in Appleton.  Hell, come to think of it, maybe this is too high class for some of you milf hunters anyhow.  I expect you to all show up in your Brotherhood of the Leaf club shirts anyway!

Okay, third and most importantly is ground braking news.  Michael Jackson is my real father.  Holly Shit can you believe it?  I told you it was big news!  Actually the news is that starting next month (hopefully) we willbe kicking off our Appleton and Fox Valley chapter of Cigar Night.  That’s right my Brothers, the demandwas great enough that we decided to start a second Cigar Night to cater to or friends down south.  I am still hammering out the details on what you can expect as a club member for our new chapter but the way it sits now you will receive all the amazing benefits that exist for current members but slight differences in Cigar Night discounts.  The plan so far is to have the Appleton Cigar Night on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Appleton Souvenir and Cigar Co. on College Avenue.  That night was picked for a number of reasons and I hope that it will be a workable date for most of you.  The great part is that if you can’t make it one night, you just show up at the other one.  Damn it’s good I’m here looking out for your well being.

Drop  me some feed back on the news and please RSVP right away if you are interested in attending the Whiskey Tasting Night on the 18th.  Next Month we will be meeting at The Lounge, Green Bay’s newest cigar retailer and private club devoted to the cigar lifestyle.  Watch for pictures and an interview with the owners shortly.

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