Happy Memorial Day

Posted By on May 28, 2010

Sorry about the recent lack of posts but after being in Vegas for a week and coming home to an end of the month in the real estate world, it’s been a bit nuts around here.  That’s why I’m really looking forward to this long weekend with some gorgeous weather predicted so I can kick back with a few cigars in honor of those brave men and women who so fearlessly gave the ultimate sacrifice so I can do so.  To not take time out of my weekend to enjoy a cigar would just be blasphemous!  We can all complain about how shitty things have gotten in this country but can you imagine how bad it would be had it not been for our soldiers who fought not only our wars but took the burden of other countries upon their shoulders?  I’m guezzing I wood be adrezzing yu all wiz a slighlty diffrent tone.  Un akkount of mine cigaz site being monitored by das Gestapo.

Quick update for next week since it’s almost June and of course Cigar Night is right around the corner.  We will be holding court at Jimmy Sea’s on the middle patio/deck weather permitting.  If it looks like rain we’ll head to The Lounge and reconvene on the deck at a later date. This is our last go around before the official statewide smoking ban so it is our way of thanking Jimmy Sea’s for letting us stink up the bar all these years.  I hope we have a great turn out and of course I’ll have the new shirts for those paid members.  Don’t forget my ongoing contest for all new members you get signed up this year.  Free smokes for each one!

We have a number of events coming up so I’ll get you all up to speed very soon on the activities of The Brotherhood but for now, have a very Happy Memorial Day and here’s to all our brave men and women past present and future.  You have my thanks and my respect.

The Cigar Soldier

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