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Posted By on May 11, 2010

Those of you guys that have been reading my posts for a while know that I am a freestyle type of writer.  Once I get my topic or train of thought, I sit down and pound out the words on the keyboard and you read basically read what I’m thinking.  I do have to go back and edit out the vulgarity so you capture the point I’m trying to make and not the swear words that slip into my writing especially when frustrated or extremely upset over a topic.  I don’t write tobacco reviews and tell stories about smoking on the veranda watching the sunset while sipping a mojito.  I could care less about telling you all there is to know about my favorite kind of cigar or pipe tobacco so why the hell would you care to read about it?  I like mashed potatoes but I’m sure you guys could give a shit about that unless you’re on a site signingdedicated to potatoes. There is one one, I checked. 

I started the club and this site because I enjoy the pastime of smoking cigars and relaxing with my pipes, that’s it.  Besides, I can’t compete with the talented taste buds of our buddy Adam Paal over Fire up that Cigar, he writes some of the best reviews on the web so that is the place to go for cigar knowledge.  My goal is to share my passion for fine tobacco and the joys of what it offers and to let you guys know about the issues we face as tobacco users.  From the renewal forms that were turned in last week you guys must feel the same way. 

I was actually shocked how many filled out applications were turned in last Tuesday, the new club shirt must really be cool.  Which brings me to a little promo I’m offering you guys.  It’s going to go like this, sign up a new man-free-signmember at any level and you get free stuff.  How simple is that?  Renewal members do not count so go find a newbie and introduce them to the club.  I will hand out the rewards once a month if only there was a night we all would be together.  Hmmmmm, when could that happen?  CIGAR NIGHT!  Each referral you sign up will win you some smokes that will be handed out once the new member is fully paid making them an official member.  To sweeten the pot a bit, I’m going to run this little contest the rest of the year so you have a chance to win stuff every month plus a top bonus to whoever signs up the most new members.  This is open to any and all members including those newly signed up bastids you hooked up.

The Brotherhood Wear will be online very shortly so you guys can pick out some new attire with the club logo on it to show the world you belong to this classy bunch.  With the help of a few members we’ve picked out a very nice pullover wind shirt and two different styles of polo shirts that you will be able to choose from.  I hope you’ll all grab up a few of them to wear around the office and golf course.  It’s a great way to promote the club and get new members to sign up so you can receive your free cigars.  See, I’m only thinking about07sutter you guys and your well being.  You can shower me with accolades now.

We’ve been talking about the golf outing and I need some feedback from our members.  Do you want to have an outing like last year with just our club and of course any special invites or would you rather join in a larger outing.  Cost of course will be the biggest difference for you guys.  We have been looking at combining our event with an outing including the Titletown Tobacco members and possibly a group from Appleton Souvenir and Cigar.  Let me know your thoughts so we can set up an event the way you want it.  After all, remember this is your club.  No golf pun intended.

If the weather ever cooperates and there is no longer a threat of fucken frost or snow every morning, we will have our annual Smokin’ Cycles Run some Sunday this summer.  For those of you guys that are involved in numerous charity rides this year please take a moment and shoot me some open dates so we can plan the trip on a non-ride event day.  We’ll likely make the Door County swing and stop for a cigar lunch along the way.  We’ll meet and leave from Titletown Tobacco and return there for a post ride cigar.  Last year was a great time even with limited riders so lets add a few more and make this year’s run a fun safe one.

Don’t forget that this Thursday is the La Flor Dominicana event at Titletown Tobacco so make sure to swing by, meet Michelle and pick up a few boxes of some great cigars.  As always there will be some unbelievable specials and give aways so I’ll see you at The Lounge.

My last update for you cats is that The Cigar Soldier will be off to Vegas next week so if you have any special requests from a particular cigar shop in Sin City let me know and I just may bring it back for you.  Cigars, not hookers you fat slobs.  Look for pictures at The Brotherhood of The Leaf page on Facebook to follow my fun.

That’s all from my treehouse,

The Cigar Soldier

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night Online.com, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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