I need a break (again)

Posted By on February 11, 2011

siesta-beachSeems like it’s been weeks since I’ve had time to sit down and spit out some new material for you guys so let me share with you my long list of excuses as to why you’ve had to wait so long for another ground breaking and award winning blog post.  I don’t bitch about the cold temps we have here in Wisconsin very much but I still like to get away from all the snow and icy winds for at least a short time to recharge my mental batteries so I’m ready to make the final push into spring.  The wifey and I took a little jaunt to Florida for some fun and sun but I basically spent the week drinking rum as if the government was bringing  prohibition back while smoking as many cigars a day as my body would allow me.  It was quite a few in case you were wondering.

We stayed in Bradenton, which is roughly 45 minutes south of Tampa Bay, so I had already done a little research to see if there were any cigar bars or shops I should pop into and I was fortunate enough to find a great one.  On Thursday we stopped at Corks Cigar Bar and spent all afternoon and the better part of the evening  smoking stogies and pounding down cold ones while chatting with the bartender Heidi and owner Cork.  We had a blast and they made us feel right at home with their generous hospitality. It is definitely a must stop if you are any where in the area.

We jetted back to Wisconsin, feeling lucky that they had cleared most of the snow that had been dumped across the state while we were gone, and drove straight home so I could play a gig Saturday night at the Green Bay Yacht Club.  Less than 8 hours removed from leaving the sunny shores and blue waters of Florida I was looking out over a frozen solid harbor without a boat in sight.  Kind of depressing had it not been for a great party with unlimited free beer for the band.  Have I ever told you guys it’s good to be me?

By now I’m beginning to wonder if my liver can withstand another day of abuse but with absolutely no medical training aside from watching a few episodes of ER back when it was good, I just had to punish that damn organ for one ios-02383055085more day because it was Super Bowl Sunday!  It was time to don my #12 jersey, pick out my stogies for the day and surround myself with enough beer to withstand Christina Aguilera’s complete butchering of the National Anthem.  She looked like a fish out of water up on stage struggling to feel comfortable in front on the 111 million viewers tuned into the game.  I think she was so nervous because she’s never been in front of a camera with THAT much cloths on.  That little trampy skank is typically running around almost naked so being covered up was a new thing for her and it really threw her off her game of being one of the the biggest whores in America.

The Packers came out strong and it appeared that they would handle the Steelers and Big Ben Worthlessburger with ease so I was feeling pretty good about the way the game was shaping up.  That was until the Black Eyed Peas took the stage at halftime and made me want to hammer a railroad spike into both of my ears.  God that was freakin’ awful.  There was nothing musical about that musical act and the pure fact that they had to bring in Slash and Usher to lend some credibility to this travesty only proves that even though you have a thousand people dressed up like they were just tossed off the set of Tron in their little lite up suits, most of them still had to put boxes over their heads to drown out The Peas shitty attempt at music. 

rodgersbelt_575As the final seconds ticked off the clock Benny threw another incomplete pass assuring that Green Bay would be returning the Lombardi trophy home to Titletown and the thousands of fans waiting there for them.  I went to watch the teams motorcade as it fought through tons of waiting fans on Monday and braved the super frigid temps at Lambeau Field for the Return To Titletown Celebration with the other 60 some thousand idiots who love their team so much they couldn’t find anything better to do than chant GO Pack Go for and hour in near sub-zero wind chills.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

My body is telling me that after all the good times these past few weeks that I had better slow down before my system just shuts itself off from the massive quantities of booze and cigars so I might actually heed it’s warning.  Florida was a great chance to escape the snow for a few days so every evening I felt I owed myself a few drinks and cigars outside while taking in some fresh air.  You can’t play a gig without trying to make the host regret saying “all the free beer you guys can drink”.  And of course on Sunday with my beloved Green and Gold becoming Super Bowl Champions once again, I think technically it would have been illegal in the state of Wisconsin to not get shit piled. 

That’s a ton of good times jammed into only a few short days so I’m really thinking I need to cut back the rest of this month, except for tonight because I’m working at Titletown  Tobacco so I’ll need to smoke a few.  I guess since we have another gig this Saturday and free beer is included I’ll have a few pitchers plus our usual post show cigar.  Oh yeah, then next week there is Seinfeld Trivia at The Vault so I’ll be drinking a bit there and on the 19th we’ll be playing at The Vault for their 2 Year Anniversaryparty.  Damn it, more free beer.  You know what?  At this rate there is no chance in hell I can cut back this month.  Now I’m thinking maybe March?

Just three quick updates for you cats; on February 16th The Vault will be hosting Seinfeld Trivia so come test your knowledge about one of America’s all time favorite sit-coms. Great prizes including free cash to spend at the bar!  February 17th is a very special night at Titletown Tobacco featuring Tatuaje Cigars with some very nice deals.  There is still time to take advantage of the pre-order specials so don’t miss that opportunity.  And last but not least for this month, I’d like to personally invite you all to The Vault’s 2 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday February 19th.  Owner and Charter Member of The Brotherhood, Jimmy C. was always kind enough to let us stink up his bar on our Cigar Nights, before the smoking ban, so please be sure to stop in at some point during the day to say thank you for all he does for the club and well as wish him congratulations on another successful year.  Plus best of all, yours truly and 12 Volt Band will be rocking the joint with some great classic rock tunes.

Lets hope I’m still alive for March Madness.

The Cigar Soldier

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The Cigar Soldier is the founding father and President of The Brotherhood of the Leaf, an internet community of cigar enthusiasts and Northeast Wisconsin’s only true membership based cigar club. As the main writer for Cigar Night Online.com, his rants can sting, stir or inspire your emotions, as he leaves no topic of enjoying the cigar lifestyle off his hit list.


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  1. I’m a Packer fan, so I guess it’s OK to be green with envy. Loved the comment about the railroad spikes during the Black Eyed Peas. When Aguilera butchered the Anthem, I thought of two things: 1. Five on the Floor could’ve done better, and 2. I remember Keri Burke messing up the Nat’l Anthem in High School.

    Congrats on probably the best Super Bowl week anybody who wasn’t actually there ever had!

    I didn’t have much scratch before the SB so though I did pass out celebratory cigars after the game, they will remain nameless here on your blog…if you heard what we had, you might reach for the railroad spike again.

  2. Any victory cigars are okay with me!! I think 5 on the Floor should do a reunion tour this summer, we’d be way better than the crap that passes for talent now days. Of course I might be slightly biased.
    Thanks for the comments and don’t forget, I’m getting you to a game next year if it kills me.

    P.S. Cigars are on me!

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